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Successful Digital Transformation Requires Data Harmony.

Odbok's data design & governance framework ensures every system in your enterprise operates with consistent settings and produces consistent data. Now you can build and scale new assets, projects, and system changes quickly.

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High Quality Data Governance Facilitates High Quality Decision Making.

Every project starts the same way: your analysts have to make sense of disparate data sets in order to make the most of your data assets. The Odbok methodology implements a data governance framework, and a data design framework, so that your enterprise can acquire, store, and use your data consistently - without starting from scratch on every new project. 

Enterprises that implement Odbok work much more efficiently because every system produces consistent data, and every team has access to data that’s ready to use.


Does Poor Data Quality Prevent Solid Decision-making In Your Organisation?

Without data harmony, every new system change starts with misaligned data and continues to produce poor quality data. It’s a vicious cycle with a high cost.


And then ... enterprises invest an astronomical amount of resources into having their analysts re-align data so that decision-makers can actually use it.


By rejecting this norm and investing in a solid data framework, your organisation will set itself up to reduce data science and business analysis overheads by as much as 80%.

Odbok Powers Business Transformation

The Odbok methodology delivers a unified, trusted data foundation in your organisation, end to end.


We start by looking at how data comes into your organisation, how it is stored, and how your analysts and decision-makers use it. 


Our team consults with key stakeholders and aligns every system's data architecture, to facilitate best-practice data governance across your enterprise.


Then we examine your current integrations and ensure every system in your enterprise operates with consistent settings and produces consistent data.


With higher quality, harmonised data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to implement new systems, create new dashboards, and scale your digital transformation efforts much more efficiently and at a far lower cost.


Your Data Will Support Your Business Objectives

Once you have well-defined rules and logic behind your data sources and stakeholders are aligned, you’ll be able to

  • Empower automation: Consistent data cuts down on the time and effort required to implement new systems

  • Free up staff: Rely less on business and data analysts to decipher dashboards and data inconsistencies

  • Improve decision-making: Higher quality data produces clearer insights and empowers better decisions

After implementing our methodology, maintain your data governance structure with templates, libraries, objects and Odbok consulting. Your results will only get better over time.

Odbok By The Numbers



Cost reduction in data overheads



Years of collective experience in enterprise data governance



Fewer data quality and administrative resources required after Odbok



Less effort in remediating data in reporting and dashboards after Odbok

The Odbok Methodology


STEP 1: Govern

Odbok begins by developing a governance structure. First, we create a reference library based on best practices in your industry, and your unique business requirements. 


Our team will collaborate with stakeholders in various departments across your enterprise to get to know current requirements and challenges.


Once the reference library is created, it serves as the standard for all data stakeholders going forward.

Odbok Client Transformations


The result was a unified system of automation systems based on the diligent use of standards that made changes or modifications easy to implement across and for the whole business. The methodology brought a completely new, innovative way of thinking of how the business could benefit from automating data collection and turning it into information that can be reliably used for business decision making processes.

Peter Price
Electrical Team Leader

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The Odbok Story

Everyone agrees that high-quality data is a critical element of successful enterprise digital transformation.

Companies today have not been set up with the tools to maintain the integrity of their integrations. This has led to inconsistencies in data and a rise in the need for data analyst teams to decipher enterprise data.


Odbok's founding team spent over 20 years in system integrations and experienced this unfortunate - yet very prevalent - misalignment of data between the systems within most organisations.

So Odbok was formed to bring a methodology that helps companies unify, govern and utilise their data better.


With decades of data governance experience, collaborating with Australia's leading SMEs, we know how to resolve the root cause of data issues that inhibit so many good initiatives.


From planning to implementation to maintenance, the Odbok methodology ensures unified data foundations are empowering your Business Transformation initiatives.

The Odbok Story

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